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Don't go away Mumma...
i really miss u a lot Mumma, whenever i breath, whenever i close my eyes, i find you everywhere in every image which i can imagine i can see your face only. whenever my friends open their lunchbox, i miss the food you always prepare for my lunchbox. whenever i fell sick i always miss the, care you take when i was at home. whenever my clothes get dirty i always miss how, you always wash my school dress. whenever i need a friend to talk, i remember how you always sit with me and initiate any topic to talk. i really feel alone Mumma now i dont want to go anywhere, except to come to you and be with you always. i am really satisfied with my dream of living away from my family, now i want my family to be with me always i want you to be with me. plz dont send me anywhere else, i want to be with you always.... MUMMA I AM REALLY ALONE HERE WITHOUT YOU AND WITHOUT ANYONE ELSE WITH ME.. I REALLY WANT TO GO AWAY FROM HERE WITH YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE...

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