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Yesterday, by chance, I happened to see an American 3D computer animated movie ldquoHow to Train Your Dragonrdquo. It is meant for kids but I was amused and touched me deep inside. The directors Chris Sanders and Dean Deblois have done perfect justice to the movie. The story takes us into a mythical world of a teenage Viking named Hiccup and the dragon Black Fury. Unbelievably, it is one of the best-animated movies ever seen. Visually, the movie has unusual depth, subtlety and beauty especially in the scenes, where Hiccup and Black Fury most deadly dragon considered by the Vikings tries to befriend each other. The relationship between the boy and the dragon is the heart and soul of the story and that very emotional bonding between them, stole my heart. I have come across many movies, which depicts the relationship between a human being with a beast. But this movie amused me with its unexpected creativitymay be because the background and settings are so much fresh and surprising.It is a complete package which provides excellent visual graphics, witty voice work, deft balance of fantasy and no doubt, a contemporary sense of humor. Each segment of movie is irresistible. It is noteworthy that I donrsquot want to take my thought process as a film critic, rather, as a kid who gets a moral that helping any creature even a deadly dragon definitely pays back. The only pity, which I take, is that, why in India we cannot match the class. We refrain our kids from watching movies due to the content of most of the movies which in every next movie is vulgarity.Why don39t we emulate like Hollywood. At least they care for their kids and put true efforts for them. We still lag behind in our endeavor as compared to Hollywood movies...

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