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Engineers must have to improve their skills to get jobs @ SimTech
Being an Engineer and glorious degree from engineering colleges, many engineers are finding huge difficulties in getting the jobs in their respective fields. As per survey, nearly 80 percent of 2014 passed out engineers are jobless and searching for suitable openings for them. Specially, the engineers from Electronics domain are the biggest sufferer of this phase. Even after maximum number of electronics company in India and after the selection of new government, these peoples are becoming hopeless day to day. After being an engineer and huge spent on degree expenses, these peoples are finding mentally pressure from their parents and cycological depression by themselves. Asper medical practitioner, Dr. Ravi Shankar, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, The effect of pressure puts students into huge depression which simulates many negative harmones in the body. This directly affects the mind and the body strength. As a solution, these students may opt for the following options to overcome their tensions 1. Join any coaching institute of Job oriented Training Centre Since, the problem arises day by day for Engineers. Hence, the best option is to join any institute which offers job oriented training program along with guaranted job. As Per Mr. Gaurav Kumar, Director, SimTech We had trained more than 5000 such kind of Engineers, those who were jobless and successfully placed into the Indias top Telecom companies. SimTechis not an institute nor consultancy. SimTech is Indias No.1 and largest Telecom Training Company where we carve, train and create one of the best manpower in Telecom industry. All our students are happy and working with some of the big telecom companies. Hence, Students may join any training companies like this which gives them guarantee of job. However, many institutes are not fullfiling their commitments, hence choose wisely. As per survey, Companies like SimTech are best and very helpful for the fresh engineers. 2. Change their field Its not bad to change your field. Many students are feeling wrong to change field due to internal ego and relatives comments. But, changing your field is good for you because overall the final destination is job. However, Engineers may choose the best option for them. Investing few amount to gain some knowledge of Telecom and getting Job is not a bad idea. Instead of wasting time, engineers may opt for different route for getting jobs. Also, never trust on any consultancies because are never fruitful for anyone. Instead of doing that, improve and review your skills and get job from companies like SimTech. Website - http//

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