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Being independent is something which is not taught to the children in India till a long time.
I myself have been dependent on my family for every small thing in my life, or i should say i still am. Though moving to Chandigarh has been my small step towards becoming independent. I have learnt to buy groceries by myself, booking cabs and going to places on my own. These might seem to be very small things but maybe for me they are milestones. I think in western countries children earn for themselves by doing petty work but in our society if i work in any restaurant as a server it would hurt my father's reputation and i don't have any 'degree' yet to get some fancy job, so my idea to be financially independent is stuck.

Then when i got the mail via Youth4work i thought maybe there is some ray of hope.

All the best to you all.
Life is short. Take time to what makes your soul happy.

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