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I love you, i said it today for the last time as i say. I love you so much that i have destroyed my whole being for a word u spelled that may. Bit by bit and step by step i ruined my existence and my worth. Today i feel as naked as one enters the world by birth. Why today i feel so shattered like a torn wing of the bird... My wings have also been chopped by the cruel accusations You uttered. Was it good for you to use me so much. And then give me names which they silently hush behind my back. Where will i go except to the ashes where i am getting burnt. Bit by bit and step by step i pronounce my self dead to you and all above. I am the reason for the dearth of my blood. Struggling to breath, i finally lost my last breath to pray. Will this death seize me or am i pleading myself to it. With those words in my ears i already feel sinking. What wrong did i do to lose my way to you. what wrong i did to give my life to you. And you played with it like a new toy you wanted from this world. Keeping it aside when you grew in to a big boy for those few. That toy reminded you of the past and you wanted to move ahead. So you blamed that new toy for breaking your progress so far. In the dark corner of your attic they placed me away from you. So that you work for the a flashy new toy who waits on the other side of my view. I die each day remembering our days and one day this toy was lifted from the dark attic on a Sunday. What destiny it got for you watched it one last time and threw it away. Smiling one last time for the foolish days with the toy you wasted away. The toy was happy to be at least thrown away. Happy with tears that its death was sentenced by the man who played with it always. Life reels back and comes the flashes of hidden secrets and secret smiles passed both ways. Knowing that I will love even if i go far away, the moments spent together in the cold and the rains. What shall i do except die my way. For i lost my fight to stick by your way. Bit by bit, step by step atleast i saw what i meant for my master and his world

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