Strategies used to answer Reading a Passage type question.

What strategies you apply to answer reading a passage type questions

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    The following Strategies I use to answer Passage reading questions.

    1. Identify the most important word(s) in the question. This general strategy is critical for specific detail questions. Identify the word or phrase that will guide you toward the answer as you read the passage. 

    2. Make mental notes related to the word or phrase as you read. If the question is a straightforward question about a fact or example from the text, your answer will likely appear in the same sentence in which the word or phrase appears -- or in the sentence before or after that sentence. However, be sure to read the entire passage.
    Understanding the main idea of the passage is often critical to choosing the correct answer for specific detail questions.
    *Some questions will contain a key word or phrase that is a synonym for another word or phrase in the passage. In this case, look for the word or phrase in the passage that means nearly the same as the word or phrase in the stem.
    *Some questions will simply ask you to identify the statement that is true or accurate among the answer options. In this case, take brief notes on the main idea as you read and test each answer choice against the facts presented in the passage.

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