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Unix, PHP, Mechanical Engineering
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Proposed Position Name
Fresher in Industry ISHAN SINGH PATHANIA

Professional Summary
Ishan Pathania is a fresher in Engineering sector and want to have a growth oriented and challenging career, where he can contribute his knowledge and skills to the organization and enhance his experience through continuous learning and teamwork.

Nationality Date of Birth Languages
Indian 10-july -1990 English, Hindi

Higher Secondary Graduate Qualification
Army School Yol Cantt (2010) Four year bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (PUNJAB) 2014

To obtain a job in the Mechanical Industry that will utilise my analytical and leadership skills and to obtain an entry into a performance oriented organization which will enable me to evolve into one of the best in the organization as well as in the industry.

Relevant Professional Experience
Year 2015
Key Activities
Ishan was responsible for project design, development and implementation of mechanical parts and designs Introduction to CAD industry
Drawing settings
Orthographic drawings
Isometric drawings
Perspective drawings
Editing the drawings
Annotations and dimensions
Layer management
Project planning and management: an overview
Selection methods
Creating and updating repeated elements
Parametric drawings
Preparing joinery details / BOM
Presenting the project
Working with a team
Layout management
Scale setting and plotting
Import and Export
Creating sketcher geometry
Creating part features
Creating datum features
Relations and parameters
Layers, Family tables & UDF
Creating & exploding assemblies
Creating and editing surface features
Creating drawing views & details
Advanced asssembly features
Creating sheet metal design
Independent project work with expert Assistance
Tolerance dimensioning.

Year 2014
Location Himachal Pradesh
Key Activities
Ishan is responsible for Servicing of motor vehicles such as motor accessories,lubricants ,wheel balancing and minor maintenance on motor vehicles.

In Service station performing the following tasks:

*Fill fuel tanks and LPG cylinders
*Measure the level of oil in engines
*Measure air pressure in tyres
*Replenish oil, water and air levels
*Wash windscreens
*Clean petrol pumps and surrounding areas
*Drive vehicles and collect spare parts
accept cash, EFTPOS and credit card payments, and operate computerised console machine and cash register
assist mechanics in minor car cleaning and repairs
order stock and maintain displays for the retail section of the service station.
*Carry out basic administrative work.

Project Mechanical Milling Machine(FIXTURE)
Year 2014
Location PUNJAB
Project Description Key Activities
Designed a Mechanical Milling Machine(FIXTURE) for making Perpendicular Holes in big RODS with the combine ideas of my mentor to make a class Presentation and this Project successful

Year JAN2014-JUNE2015 Industry leader in Automotive Solutions in India. 23 longstanding Global Partnerships. 16 Joint Ventures. 7 Technical Collaborations. 19 Companies. 57 locations. 13000 People.11 States.

Location PARWANOO(HP) Position Industrial Trainee
Key Activities
Ishan was responsible for overall management, design and the appearance of defects inspection plays a vital role in bearing quality control. Human inspection is a traditional way to remove defective bearings, which is instable and time consuming. In this paper, we develop a machine vision system for bearing defect inspection, which can inspect various types of defects on bearing covers, such as deformations, rusts, scratches and so on. The proposed system designs a novel image acquisition system to enhance the defects appearances and get controlled image acquisition environment. A series of image processing methods are proposed or utilized to inspect the defects. Especially, for the deformation defects on seal, we find a common rule on the distribution of projection, and design a simple but effective inspection algorithm based on the rule. The proposed system is evaluated and compared with skilled human by the recall, precision and F-measure. Experimental results show that the proposed vision system has high accuracy and efficiency. .

Personal Details
Father's Name: Mr. Ravinder Singh Pathania
Date of birth: 10 july 1990
Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Single
Languages Known: Hindi,American English,Punjabi

Temporary Address Details J-92
South Extention-1
New Delhi-110049
Permanent Address Details S/O Ravinder Singh Pathania
V.P.O Dohag Dehrian
Teh. Dehra
Distt. Kangra
PIN: 176029
Himachal Pradesh
Contact Numbers 9873178509,7832896239
E mail Address,

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