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Last week when Google blacked out its logo out of its internet search engine, Wikipedia has blanked out its web for 24 hours to protest against SOPA/PIPA did also arise a new age marketing theme- lsquoAnnoyvationrsquo as someone calls it. Though the point is debatable whether the companies can impose these legitimate concerns onto the customers is more important than serving the customers legitimately needs, it has been an eye opener on how badly can one get affected due to excessive dependence on these giants and how these Giants can virtually intrude into our lives strictly speaking it is our mistake though. Some of the customers are irked by these happenings while some others are though not that irked supported the cause quite a few others genuinely supported it. We in India might not be so much accustomed to this technology and we might skip this topic saying lsquoit is a free service and who cares giving a damn about this thing. After all Google blacked out its logo and Wiki has been shut only for a dayrsquo But for the western world, this thing is as important as their meal. While I was browsing web last week, I found out this funny question in Yahoo from a mother lsquoMy baby is crying, what should I dorsquo This is the level of dependence west has on these giants. We in the east are even fast catching up. Internet penetration is the core issue of the Indian Policy makers on this front creating a vast market for these giants. Now let me come back to the original topic and ask you a common yet strange question lsquohow many of us would really known about SOPA/PIPA had there not been a blackout in a coordinated manner from the best service providers. Google, Facebook, Wikipedia etc. I call this a new marketing theme and someone might want to blame me saying lsquothey are protesting for a genuine cause, so itrsquos fair doing all of this and after all it is their right to protest. Labor laws provide them the right to protest.rsquo Think of this situation when the GOI would want a new law of recruitment that would cause significant inconvenience for the bank employees and thereby they protest by withholding the accounts of a significant chunk of the population and create awareness. Will that not be a fire in your ass Afterall the new age digital technology has laid path for this kind of protests. They too can emulate success right Is it strategically wise and tactically stupid or vice-versa Or wise both ways Keeping apart the arguments and debates of whether the name lsquoCSRrsquo has become a lame duck used by these giants or is the point of failing to take a stand now might leave them without options in the future, remember how much we are and we will be affected by these actions and how prone are we to the technology call it addiction too, I donrsquot mind. Also remember how much potentially we are the customers of their campaign even if we would not like to. Think about it guyzzzz

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