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By attempting to write this blog, I am fully aware that I might invite the wrath of my Telanganageographically friends as well as the Andhra Seema Friends Geographically Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. The reason for which I have stated geographically specifically is we are all Andhra PradeshGeo-Politically atleast as of now. But please read it fully cozrsquo I have taken a dig at everyone. When I first entered Hyderabad in 2005, I was amazed by its Cosmopolitan Culture and the warmth with which it absorbed me in itself. What amazed me even more is that the make-over Hyderabad has been through in a short span of 10 years- from a city of pearls nizams to a Hi-Tech city.Vizag was till then the most beautiful city with every film maker eyeing that city for any movie. We need not debate over who gave Hyderabad that ultra modern look because the answer is obviously NCB Naidu my favourite Leader who felt that the Capital City of the State deserves to be so. Those were the days, when political movement for a separate state was in a naiumlve stage. The one question that has been pondering in my mind since then is why do they invite all the industries right into the nose of Hyderabad, when they quite clearly know that, the politicians from this region will claim a 100 share of the wealth created here as is happening now. Microsoft established its first RD center outside the U.S and in Asia in Hyderabadleaving Brsquolore which already has a well established IT industry and HR by then in 1997 not because of the love they have for Telangana or Hyderabad, but because of extensive lobbying done by NCB Naidu so that it can act as an anchor for the rest of the IT industry. Situations further aggravated the tensions in my brain when a Fab City has been sanctioned to Hyderabad due to extensive lobbying done by YSR My favourite Politician. But, thanks to background lobbying done by Tamil Nadu ministers for taking away the most important companies to their state, and now the project is only a solar power equipment manufacturing one, else it would have created even more wealth. Today the total wealth created by IT industry in Hyderabad alone is 38,000 crores, which is 38 of the budget in the state. Irsquove heard many leaders from the T-region saying in many open debates that the development Andhra Leaders have done is for themselves and development is nothing but exploitation. Well, if they do not want to be exploited, then why do they not attack Hi-Tech city as a part of Telangana agitation which is exploiting big way If they do not want to be deprived of their land, then why do they not ask the industries in Hi-Tech city to shift their bases from T to elsewhere Most probably, the people from the AR will be so happy to invite all of them to set up their bases in AR get exploited by these industries and also leave Hyderabad. T-people will then be a very happy bunch to get off from all the controversies and get Hyderabad with the status-quo of 1956 as they want both geographically and economicallyI seriously do not understand why status-quo 1956 and not 1947 and even without AR people. I forgot to mention a note of special thanks to my friends from TRS for the ruckus they have created in Hyderabad. Many of the exploiters who want to exploit the T-Region went away to exploit other states such as Tamil Nadu creating unwanted wealth for them. But still, I fail to understand why the leaders from the AR-Region fail to implement the G.O 610 and the Gentlemenrsquos agreement made way back when T was united with AR Why the allocation of funds was very less for the T-region. May be, the leaders from the AR fail to realize that the process of give and take must be mutually acceptable. Why did the leaders fail to address the concerns of T-people w.r.t water which might be possible or might not be the leaders from the A-region claim that the T-region is not very fit for canal irrigation. I am not so sound with the technical aspects of that. But, at least prove it to them if the land is not fit to be canalized. If the lands are not fit to be canalized, then why do they not show them an alternative way to agriculture such as drift irrigation which is so successful in Chittoor district. Why did they not solve the problem of Fluorosis in Nalgonda and provide them with safe drinking water. In fact even the bid for supplying entire Nalgonda with Reverse Osmosis treated sea water from the coast has started in 2006 if my memory goes right. But I never knew what happened after that and why the project did not kick-start. May be the people of T should decide their fate not others at least they feel that AR are outsiders only and can never be insiders. Revolutions donrsquot just come out of nothing. The sound of a clap is only when two palms gather momentum. Backwardness may not be a point of argument for T cozrsquo backwardness is everywhere. Even if one of the above said problems was solved effectively, there would not have been a demand for a separate state. But, the situation in the state has now come to a point of no-return, a separate state will lessen the tensions in T and people from the AR need not so much concerned about the water as the Central Government decides how much share should one get. Hyderabad be made mutual capital for a while and developing a separate capital for AR meanwhile. Building a separate capital is not just about building the Government infrastructure which can be done in a jiffy but also developingexploiting in other sense - it. If any leader from AR is seriously dedicated to developing AR, four such Hyderabadrsquos or even bigger cities can be developed in AR alone. My choice of those 4 cities can be Kurnool, Tirupati, Vijayawada and Vizag considering the enormous HR and excellent prospects they have. But, while doing so, have a special focus on North Andhra with an inclusive development so that no further demand for states can arise.

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