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26/11 The day each of us Indians can remember as a 39Black Day39 in the history of the Post-Indian Independence, the day that left us with unbearable trauma, the day NSG commandos, popularly known as Black Cats stormed the terrorists and took the terrorists down. With a heavy heart, I also need to say that two of the commandos laid down their lives for the sake of our protection, our integrity and our honor. After the 39Operation Black Tornado39 the elite force of country received sincere acclaim and praise from all the corners, but it is real disappointment for brave NSG commandos, who are still waiting for the deserving honour and promises made by the government..The NSG commandos have been hoodwinked by the government agency and are facing apathy.When one NSG commando tried to raise the concern, he was transferred to another unit and also threatened by the senior officials. NSG Jawan Sunil Kumar, who was adjudged best commando in 2008, is still waiting for the justice. He knocked the door of PMO and approached powerful Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to get the justice but result was zilch. Interestingly, the NSG commandos, received a very small amount. Government of Maharashtra just offered Rs 50k while Central government announced Rs 1 lakh. NSG headquarter released Rs 78, 318. The amount was not released from the government account but it was deducted from the salaries of NSG commandos. Let alone NSG, because they are recruited after and subject to intense psychological tests and provided with best psychological support. Now, take the case of Indian army, the largest in terms of active manpower in the world. They have just become toys in the hands of politicians because winning a war means getting votes. Even in this worst case, the apathy the army is facing is horrendous. After all they are humans too. They too have personal problems, have love and affection. According to a report there is a suicide once in three days in the defence forces. The reasons behind that are pretty simple to analyze, the trauma one has to face once the bullets just pass off them, the sadness when his comrade just dies in-front of him, the humiliation their higher officers make them pass through. Some unfaithful bastards who are siblings of army men, instead of being proud of the very siblings, exploit the opportunity of grabbing the share of his land. Such is the apathy the nation of India is in. The number of psychiatrists who are supposed to be in the ratio of 10001 is in the ratio of lesser than 10,0001. The information provided here are just stats, and concerned with the GOI to be very loose, but let us analyze our role in boosting the morale of our Men. 1 How many of us offered a seat in a bus to an army man standing right beside us If yes, will that not give them a feeling that they are not alone. Why should there be no reservation in the buses or transportation systems if there can be a reservation for ladies, senior citizens and in the worst case politicians. Why should we not forego some part of the reservations in the jobs to give the opportunity for those who retire from the armed forces Are the men who retire from the army the best suited for highest of reservations for they laid their lives to protect us instead of providing it to some one else who is not even made accountable for the reservation he is using to the taxpayers. Give it a thought guyz

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