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Same old story for arsenal
Every season we see this happening, I personally have been an arsenal fan for last 13 years and yesterday's match was the worst out of all. What has happened to this team?????. Is anyone there who can answer these questions??...
Mr. Wenger has to go now. It's all but over for him, you can't go on now. There's always an end to a story and you have passed it quite a long ago. For whatever he has done to this club all fans are grateful to him but now we need a change.
All of us knew it was possibly impossible to overturn the deficit, but we started first half on a positive note we dominated them and we took the lead as well. Yes, we had the chance to go 2-0 up had the referee not given the decision against us.But then in the second half it was all but lost the moment Kos was sent off. Can't understand what was the referee thinking. Poor referring and then it just got worse.
Loosing 5-1 in both legs is not what any arsenal fan wanted to see when the draw was made.
We need changes next season starting from manager to players. Hope this situation gets better and we all can see this team playing better for the coming season..

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