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Valuable insights for Small business owners..
Stories are the best way to get connected with the content. Let's start with a simple scenario. For example ,When you had a long tiring week, the best way to relax is to sit in the favourite spot and watch your favourite TV show. Imagine you are watching the TV show "Game Of Thrones". What are the possible expectations comes to your mind. After all, it's important to know ,which characters survived to see in another week. It was thoroughly entertaining. You know, Why you expected so much things and why you started imagining about the next episode. All because, you feel connected to that show.

That brand had managed to create a wonderful story, using its product and at the same time they have created a strong connection with your emotions. It's quite apparent, what makes it so effective. You can do the same stuff too.

Now coming to the business part, Your product is the entire story of that TV show. You have to connect that with your customers so that they can feel your product and think of that, as you did for that TV show. Are you doing that? If not, then how will you do that? As An entrepreneur, your aim is to become successful in whatever business you are doing. You have created the entire product, set up a company and managing lots of stuff around. If you can do all these wonderful things then why can't you connect it with the people as that TV show is doing for you. You can take examples of each and every thing , which connect you with their brand. Think in that way. You will get the answer, what you might have been searching for.

Always remember:

1. There is a builder within each one of us,if we will identify that

2. You are not too old to create wonders.

Initially it is not that much easy. You can start with these simple exercises:

Identify the pain points and create personal connection: You are running a company with some products or services. You must have your target audience. Do you know what are the pain points of your target audiences. You should start searching those problems. You can't provide solution for all those problems. But still you can help them to solve those issues by saying refer these solutions( that might not be same, what you are providing, it can be something else). It will create a personal connection, so that whenever they will face any problems, then they will think of you. And with this strategy you have created a brand image. They will trust you whenever you will represent your products as a solution of any particular problem.
Listen to your existing customers: Do you listen and response to your customer regularly? Listening helps your customer to feel valuable, important and comfortable for interaction. They will share their views regarding your product, which is the ultimate thread of your business development. You can get important insights of what they want and what features should be implemented that will create value for them. Your customer support should be excellent.
How to meet your customers need: After getting insights from your customers, now it's time to implement all possible stuffs. You should go for innovative tools, which suits your business profile. You can add new product line. Do something that will surprise your customer and add value to your product. Create your brand image.
4. Hire Best talents and keep on motivating them: To achieve above, you need continuous support of your team. Building a successful business means attracting talented people and keep them happy, so that they will feel great to work with you. while hiring you should keep one thing in your mind that, if you have choice between a person who is natural at the position, but they are not fond of business or a person who isn't natural but fond of business, go for the 2nd option. The people who will love business will always want to learn and improve their skills. Once you have found the right talent, next thing you should do is to motivate. You should provide appropriate training to your employees, which connects them with your company's vision.

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