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matter of RELATIONSHIP...
Millions of relation living in the world wide. All having different prospect of seeing and absorbing the phenomenon which happens surrounding of every individual .
living in relationship is one of the controversial topic in INDIA. if i talk about the people mind set of indian who always wait the things to come, itself closer to them and most of time waste of practicing such things.
but trend of living in relationship is grooming in india and having absorption of western cultural activities.
many of want western culture , but most of them are against this culture....because india is diversification in cultural and languages,and behavior...many ritual activities performed mostly any where in the world.
we Indian thinking living relationship is modern terminology and having little bit difference of living life or life partner without legal permission.
there are many cases came into existing that the misbehaving by the society with the couple..and lots of wrong thought arises into the mind of the old aged people.
but generations changes timely and frequently still mindset of we people are not changing, which is great concerning matter.
think about the couple and person who wants to adopt such culture. there may have certain lawful acts provide into the whole nation and this lawful act might remain and help to sustain new culture into the country.
this is one which may increases the protection of girl or women power by initial stages of living the life lets start saying living relationship is good
and acceptable.

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