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Importance of an Effective Resume
Resume is a well formatted structure of a professional or fresher job applicant who wish to apply for a job role.

Nowadays, with a hike in competition in job field, a recruiter always is determinant to find the best out of rest. Thus, to get the job opportunities knocking on your door, you need to craft an interview winning resume.

So many times, even people with good knowledge and experience are not able to grab the job opportunity, whereas a person with less experience or knowledge can excellently make his/her way to the same organization for same job profile. The sole and foremost reason of this is presentation.

The way you represent yourself on your resume is what makes the first impression on a recruiters mind. A resume itself speaks a lot about an applicant and thus recruiters prefer such people with outstanding resume over people having a same old resume presentation.

If you belong to designing or creative field, then your resume presentation holds on more importance as it describes the level of creativity and talent you have, that you are determinant to show in best creative manner.

For example :

Here is a 21 year old boy SUMUKH MEHTA from Bengaluru, who styled his resume as GQ's magazine style and got hired by GQ's magazine headquarter, London without getting interviewed.

This example alone speaks thousands of words about how well your Resume speaks out loud.

So from now on, whenever you apply for a job, or send a resume to recruiters, make sure your resume speak well about you and your talents.
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