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there are two types of people first are those who carry positive thoughts secondly those who carry negative ones.well, there is more demand for the positive thought carriers but unfortunately we've got more people who lack optimism.there was a girl born in the family of people who literally believed in the 'male domination necessary fora stable society' kinda stuff .the girl was as for sure never given importance among her 4 other siblings comprising of 3 sisters and one brother, she was not a very brilliant child neither was she ever allowed to had exposure, at the age of twelve she got to know that she was suffering from asthma and in her blood reports she got to know that she wasn't injected for a single disease at her birth and she was most likely to suffer from a lot of diseases in her upcoming years.she was hated by her family and all the people she expected love from.she tried to stay happy in the world of her own though was insulted in front of her friends and teachers at every possible event she went to school by a cycle which was worse than the condition to even considered rubbish.she had the thought of becoming an even manager and opted for the same and completed her studies by taking educational loans and finally got a life of her own.staying inspired by this story i get power to perform all my tasks even at the verge of totally breaking down .the girl in the story had the power to alter her situations just because she believed in herself and her destiny when nobody did.if after being suppressed so much she never lost optimism so why should anybody else living in condition where there parents at least support them.

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