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My name is lavanya s.I am studying in Vemana-IT.I am basically from a computer science background. Initially, when I joined to the college to CSE I didn’t like the course at all because I was eager to join either to medicine or EC.But I joined via CET.I was supposed to take this subject. Then college started after all counselling rounds completes.
First day to the college. So went early only on that day. Dono anything in the college even friends, faculties etc. This will the situation everyone will face. I went inside the class sat in 3rd bench. After waiting for a long time so many students started to come, all with new faces. Three of my friends as of now they came and sat with me.Normally we started to introduce ourselves with basic questions. Then a lecturer entered the class with a serious mood. So, everyone stood up and wished him. He started to give lecturing about the topics. After few minutes a sir came and asked him to sit in his place. There was a question mark in every face. Finally the confusion was solved by sir, that the lecture whoever was lecturing to us was not a lecturer he is a student just like us. All was laughing for half an hour.
Then later in studies, few months passed out. One of the day is my birthday. I went causally to the college. I didn’t inform my birthday to any of my friends. Because I don’t want to publishing my birthday date. But my beasties got to know my birthday. I was very much happy on that day, since they have celebrated my birthday so grandly which is not a forgotten moment in my life duration .That was the first birthday I celebrated with friends.
Then few years passed out. One of my friend started to tell studying is not the only task done in engineering, there is some other things which BE teaches us. I started to think about her words. This words can be taken either in a good or bad manner. But she thought me to choose a right path. Then I started learning new skills and so on.
Now in 3rd year of BE. So much stress to handle the subjects, projects, preparing for interviews and so…….still there are so many stories in my life which made me to learn new things from each stituation.
Basically in this age everyone will get attracted to other.But my point of view is to attract towards the skills which will improve the knowledge and helps in future.

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