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Journalism and the political changes in India
Sincht , its inception and right from the Independance when Press attained an independant and free status in Indian democracy, the issue of its liberty from the government clutches is being debated by the politicians and the policy-makers. The Press however, continues to hold its legacy to support either one party or the other. This is even reflected in the kind of editorials that we read and the promotion of party agendas and other kind of political propagandas through it. The journalists are not to be blamed for this as they have to report that which the top management would publish and make them bounded to work on it. But its high time, when we realise that as to how long are we going to support the irrational and worthless government policies. The recent policy of the limit of poverty at Rs.33 for the BPL is compltely horrible and baseless. In no circumstancs should the media and the Press be in its support because it will not only mark them as an irresponsible proffessionals but would also debase their standards of proffession.

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