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Content Writing, Journalist, Mass Communication
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Masters in Journalism & Mass-communication from Banaras Hindu University, Fresher
I had a wonderful experience of studying in the Mass-Communication and Journalism Department of the Banaras Hindu University. Banaras Hindu University, as its known as a temple of knowledge proved rightly to me as the same. The first day i entered the college i could feel the fragarance of wisdom spread all over. The fateful dream of being a part of this university became true as i got into the Mass-Communication Department with wonderful teachers and an eminent faculty of scholars. My goal of studying in this departrment was to make myself a distinguished person in the field of Journalism and Mass-Communication is not yet achieved and i am working faithfully towards achieving it. During my two years of post graduation studies in journalism, i got a wondrful opportunity to learn the basics of communication and the core areas of journalism and now i wish to apply the same to the evergrowing communication Industry.
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