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Achievement or success doesn't come all at once.

It is not just by chance

Chances are the opportunities,

Which is full of mysteries.

Challenges are the part of life,

where sometimes you may feel it hurts you as a knife.

You may rise, you may fall,

But do not forget your goal.

You may feel depressed,

don't give a way to stress.

It may look difficult at first,

but that's not the last.

You may struggle in achieving it,

Some may support you,

some may betray,

Be bold enough and fight,

Never give up in your life,

It's only you who can do it right.

You may not know how and from where to start,

don't fear the dark(failure)

talk to your heart, and,

believe that I CAN DO IT.

With all your courage and determination,

fight back,

one day you will realize you overcome your lack,

That day your hard effort and dedication, 

will pay you your reward,

The success will kiss destiny,

that will touch you in many.

don't forget your failure ever,

because it will let you remember the fight against failure and journey towards success,


Grow and grow,

gain experience,

till you take your reward,

where you face this challenges and move forward,

don't lose the confidence in you,

don't be the servant to your weaknesses.

go for the right, 

Because it's YOUR FIGHT.

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