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Be Happy for this moment,This moment is your life.....
                               LIFE IS SHORT,                                                                                             BUY THE SHOES,                                                                                           DRINK THE WINE,                                                                                         ORDER THE DESSERT.

Life is like Facebook; people will like your problems and comment but no one will solve them because everyone is too busy in updating others.This topic is all about taking the matter of happiness in one's life.

Childhood which is very beautiful and full of interesting memories for all human beings.But every child thinks that life will be more beautiful after being elder and this thought continues in one's mind years by years,but such thing does not happen.

After being an elder person we think that childhood was better as they are facing a different kinds of problems like family pressure,job pressure etc.These all things spoil us day by day and lastly we hope that our life after retirement would be better, but this also does not work...

Everything is happening in such way because we always relay our life,our everything for our future.We don't enjoy our life at present.We only use to weep for past and hope for future.We forget that there is something happening at the time which is known as present time.There are approximately very few people who lead their life themselves at present time.We always use  a fake smile as expression.Almost every person hides a thousands of feelings behind his happiest smile.

Life is 10% what happen to us and 90% how we react to it.So it will be good to say that we must enjoy our life as life is like a camera.So do focus on what is important and capture the good times we have..

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