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Project 1 Title Easy SQL Role Team lead Duration 1 month Description of the project Easy SQL is aimed at creating user friendly interface where a user can easily execute commands in Structured Query Language SQL. It is observed in studies that SQL is pervasive and is used widely by Business Analysts and Business Users as well in their day to day analysis. As it is difficult to remember all SQL commands, we offer a value proposition that helps the non-technical users to leverage on the benefits of SQL by providing a GUI based interface to process data using SQL commands. Easy SQL comprises 4 modules 1. Creation of a user-friendly interface. 2. Establishing connection between the front-end to the sql and oracle server depending on the user sessions. 3. Executing the query on database tables 4, Displaying results using front-end. Easy SQL installable can be easily deployed in a end-user machine which in turn can connect to Oracle Database and query the data.

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