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If you want to taste the real cuisine of India, wander onto the swarming streets of India. Some of the tiniest and shadiest of places can offer you the biggest and brightest food experiences. Though they might not use the modern cooking techniques as their bigger counterparts do, they use traditional Indian cooking techniques synthesized with desi flavors which not only finds its way to the stomach but also to the heart. However, due to their peculiar location and small size, it’s not easy to find them.

But, don’t worry! Talash E Zayka is here to do the trick for you. We, the group of food enthusiasts, will stroll onto the streets to dig out the true taste of India. We will not only taste the food and review it but we will also take you behind the counter to show all the preparation which goes behind so that you can prepare it yourself in case the geographical hurdle is taking the better of you. But for that we will need your appreciation, so please do subscribe to our channel.

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