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Targeted audience : Newly appointed software project managers, team leaders and senior software engineers

Scope: This blog covers the scope purely from the general management perspective of a software project. This covers projects of any size varying from small scale to large scale assignments from a people management perspective.It should not be misinterpreted with the SDLC.

1). Storming phase : This happens during the inital phases of the project. During this phase we can notice a lot of conflicts and compatable issues among the resources of the project.

Remedies to overcome this phase : Training the staff on soft skills,communication, counselling by the senior resources to the resources who are difficult to handle. Performing the SWOT(Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats may help) analysis for the resources may help.

The tenure of the storming phase may last for 3-5 months. This phase may occur for the ongoing projects(old projects) as well where there are frequent team rampups.

If we follow the above remedies with discipline and consistency the results will be better and perhaps long lasting.

2). Norming phase : Post to the storming phase the norming phase follows.Based on the problems and challenges that we have encountered in the storming phase we create certain norms in the project.

This involves process stream lining, bringing the team up the learning curve on various parameters like soft skills, communication and other behavioural aspects to ensure the smooth functioning of

3). Independent phase: In this phase the team members get the maturity levels required for carrying the project operations with minimal management interventions.Turbulances get reduced. Operations
will be smooth.

4). Exemplary phase : The project reaches a stage where it creates itself as an example for the new coming projects and some times for the ongoing projects as well.

The learnings/case studies can be applied for other assignments whenever and where ever required.

Hope this helps.

Pls feel free to add any new updations and comments.

Best Wishes,

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