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In this busy life we forget the importance of being human.

We never listen to our loved one's. I would say be compassionate and sensitive to the needs and necessities of the fellow beings.
Do some selfless service. Pray for one or two hours daily. If practiced regularly and consistently that will produce beautiful results.

Adopt a child or sponsor a child or an orphan or an old aged person. I am sure their blessings will take you a long way.

Life is full of complexities and up's and downs. These bit's and pieces of help will take you a long way.
It is the deepest desire of every human being to be liked and be human.

Pls help fellow human beings. World is full of chaos. With these small deeds we can be better people.

Friends and loved ones,

Let us take a small resolution to be human and better people.

My intention is not to hurt any one through this blog. My sincere good wishes to all those who are facing problems and obstacles in their life.
I will do my bit for them. Pls feel free to contact me at 9000227253. I will help the need but that has to be an sincere wish.

With Lot's Of Love,
Your's affectionately,

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