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Social media presence for any business nowadays is not a luxury or an option, it’s a necessity. Social media is the only place where you can promote your brand but also helps in customer loyalty program. Social media branding helps customers to connect with you and post their comments or reviews. However, the comments are not only the positive ones they can be negative ones as well. You cannot ignore the negative ones, that might make a wrong impression about your brand when other people checking your sites find that you focus on customer satisfaction and personally communicate with them to turn a negative customer into happy and positive ones, it becomes successful for your business itself.

As per statistics, 95% of young people chase a brand through social media and the count of social media users are increasing day by day. However, after all these statistics also, it becomes difficult to convince many of the businesses about the benefits of social media networking for your brand. Here are few reasons, why you should get connected to different social media to boost your business:

1. Search Engine Visibility: every business would like to increase the client engagement and the website traffic for their benefit, but that would not be possible if people are not able to find your brand online. Half of the millennials these days are almost always on social media and they get to know most of the things from there, hence promoting on social media not only improves the visibility of your brand, it also helps in curbing the negativity.

2. Company Mouthpiece: your business might be an old one or a new one, word of mouth always works for any business. Social media platforms work as that word of mouth. As these days, people are more active on social media, you can show them about your new launches, discounts, offers, and updates. In the same way, be it Facebook or Twitter, customers can also share their views, comments and values and much more. But be careful about not giving too many updates about your business, that can make people confused.

3. Trust-building channels: social media presence is important to earn your customer’s trust. Nowadays, whenever we hear of any new brand, we try to search about the same online, it might not have a physical presence, but the online presence and a transparent visibility is very important.

4. Competitive Advantage: social media presence not only connects you with your customers but with your competitors as well. Yes, they are also watching you, every move, every comment and they decide their next business move based on that. Hence, if you are lacking in your social media activity and promotions and investments, they would easily surpass you.

5. Virtual Connection with Customers: mainly for online businesses, it becomes difficult to connect with their customers. Social media helps you with this. Your social media profile makes your customers engage with you virtually and your promotions and updates make them more engaged and interested in your business.

6. Sales & Business Leads: social media is equally helpful in generating leads for your business. New and modern social media platforms like Pinterest and YouTube gives you an option to buy from their direct and Instagram has now come up with a new option called “call to action” button which helps you to buy the staff and install the app as well. The speed with which social media is evolving, it would surely help you in increasing your sales and customer connectivity. If you are still not active on any social platforms, you are surely losing out on your business.

7. Marketing Channels: driving and generating sales is the most important aspect of any business and all the social media platforms are designed with different marketing machinery to help you with the same. Facebook has sponsored posts and Twitter has marketing campaigns which are two most important aspects of these social platforms. Every social platform have their own marketing channels and you do not really have to be connected with that platform socially to use the same, but if you use it, it will multiply your gains only. All the big brands like to share their product on social media to increase visibility, customers’ like, follows and comments.

All these points are enough to make to understand that the power of social media is huge. It opens many doors in front of you for your business but it should be used in the right manner. Only posting lot of pictures and updates would not help. You need to work on a proper strategy and update only informative and promotional posts which would engage and intrigue your customers at the same. However, generating leads and sales with the help of social media is not that an easy task, that would require proper knowledge, experience, and insights.

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