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The article provides comprehensive details about YOUTH4WORK’s work environment, culture and its substantial differentiation from other big companies depicting the pros and cons of the same.
The article initially talks about the welcoming of new employees by not pampering but making them feel valued by putting up responsibilities on their shoulders. Youth4work believes in extracting the maximum potential out of the employees and the company believes that a new employee is full of thrill and work zeal when he steps in a company. So Youth4work captures their excitement and directs their energy in the most profitable direction from the very beginning. However, due to the workaholic culture of the company, some workers who suffered from cancer, miscarriages and other personal crisis believe that they have been evaluated unfairly.
Unlike other companies, the office looks similar but it does not promote leisure at work and creating personal space of comfort zone. The focus here is on relentless striving to please costumer or costumer obsession.
However, despite strict dedicated work environment and non-negotiable output deadlines, employees enjoy the freedom of expressing their ideas for the profitability irrespective of their designation. Youth4work are structured to disagree and commit which helps to yield the best idea. The company has thus created a dedicated team of employees which are loyal to the company. Some of them might go beyond limits to complete their tasks disrupting the line between personal and professional life.
Life is never a smooth curve, it propagates with crest and troughs defined over a period of time.
All of the employees have been a most valuable asset and they are proud to say that all of them have proved their mettle at the individual level. They have a very rigorous work routine and aim to excel by drawing out the maximum potential from each of employee. This is only because of the successful implementation of ideas without compromising their peak productivity.
Unwanted situations may hamper their productivity index. But in order to eradicate those situations, they float a feedback form where all employees will be entertained to address their issue with management. They also ask employees to kindly use the tools wisely and help the company to make it sound ethically correct.
”You'll enjoy your work more if you enjoy the company of your colleagues.”

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