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I am writing to apply for Sales or Business development opportunity in your organization and available for immediate joining. I am confident that my experience in diversified product sales makes me an ideal candidate to fulfill the position.

I am a multi-skilled Sales and Marketing expert with good all-round ability to juggle multiple projects and meet deadlines whereas at the same time comprehending complex and interdependent business processes, very capable with an ability to identify and then deal with a client’s needs and composed with the analytical skills.

Having domain knowledge of Marketing and Operations, I have gained business knowledge and relevant sales experience by working in different companies during my project with Tripadvisor I was performing role of customer engagement after that I worked in Mondelez India Foods Pvt Ltd for Institutional sales, I was charged with the responsibility of business across Cadbury celebration packages for corporate customers and at Idea Labz as Business Development. My recent exposure was handling business development for BYJU’s, largest Ed-tech company in the country as BDA performing educational counseling post that pushing for our offering.

I was commended by my manager for demonstrating strong skills in: proactively managing important and time sensitive deals; developing innovative solutions to critical problems and balancing stakeholder expectations with those of the company. In my best interest lies working in collaboration with multiple teams and take complete accountability of the overall decision making.

In my time at different organization, I was noted to have achieved the following:

· Executing a number of highly profitable deals right from the scratch and executing it to closure.

· Achieve Revenue based targets as a result of which the Bangalore Cadbury team achieved maximum sales as compared to other regions.

· Working with my team to manage the accounts of prestigious brands and clients.

· Work in collaboration with various key stakeholders. Received extraordinary appreciation from product head and regional sales team of BYJU’s.

Furthermore, I have decent academic background to ground my work. After completing my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Shri Shankaracharya Technical Institute through state level exam, I went on to pursue MBA from CVRU University to get good industry exposure. I plan to draw on the exposure to effectively complete the Job requirement. I believe the above qualities and experiences would make me a valuable addition to your company.

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