Arbil, , Iraq
Welding, Mechanical Engineering, Piping Engineering
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Mechanical Eng.
I have capability to Maintenance supervisor for the planning, review, creation and execution of
all mechanically related maintenance activities,Problem solving skills, Lead the troubleshooting
and fault finding on static and rotating equipment/systems. Authorized as performing under
Permit to work system. Develops mechanical maintenance procedures, job plans and work
instructions, Acts as a team in the multifunctional operations and maintenance team.Skills to solve mechanical and related problems, Checks the functionality of equipment and measuring instruments, Communicates with vendors (sellers).
I have a good Work with Operations, Maintenance and Engineering teams in activity planning,
and cost control, I can record exactly all activities in the maintenance management system, providing all necessary reports, Acts as Maintenance supervisor when required.
I can check continual quantity of spare parts to ensure continuity of mechanical maintenance
activities, and administrate the store spare parts.
Experience of working with various types of rotating equipment including pumps, compressors,
power generation packages and related systems.

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