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Content marketing is one of the oldest concepts preferred in the digital marketing industry; it is defined as the generation of content and then feeding it to the internet with strategic methods to get found by the prospective audience. Content is the leading factor adopted in the top strategies to bag significant result. Since Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, wrote “content is king,” on the official website of Microsoft, it has become a religious trend followed by the digital marketing enthusiasts.

The content marketing is a vast concept to reveal; more precise to explain; creating unique and authentic content that’s not only of top quality but entertaining, valuable and interesting blend to seek the attention of readers - will work the magic to drive the potential customers to the website. The content production doesn’t halt at text writing only; instead, it envelopes videos, images, podcasts, infographics, and surveys as well to convert the content into best of class. Content with the integration of pertinent visuals and videos propel the chances of content sharing.

SEO advantage: Plagiarism free and top quality content plays a significant role in SEO and ranking high in search engines. What makes SEO crucial is an amalgamation of content with embedded keywords to gain visibility. The length of the article ranges between 300-500 words. Regular updating of the website with fresh content yields the desired result of mass attention on the website. Guest posts and internal links promote the degree of SEO. The secret of the organic rise of traffic is hidden in the keywords used cleverly with appropriate content, backlinks, and social media optimization.

Engagement possibility enhances: Interesting content captivates the users’ scrolling and involves their attention to grasp the content. If the content impresses the readers, then chances of like and share come into existence. The next step brings them closer visit the website and learn the brand’s significance. But if the content fails to impress the readers, then cyberspace will engulf the content - leaving least possibility to gain the traffic generation on the website. The trending social media promotion addresses the message of the website to the users and encourages them to hook up to the website. To elevate the audience engagement and create a prolonged relationship - brands should ensure the utilization of all the mediums.

Create leads and sales: Great content ignites the potential to create brand awareness in the market. The customers' exposure to the brand creates further leads, and thus more sales expectancy rises. The quality of sound content decides how well it can educate the audience, though emphasizing on the product advertisement can spoil the engagement. High-quality content fosters the relationship between customer and brand whereas product-oriented content impacts negatively and fails to draw consumers. The association of customers with the company retains when the services fulfill as the contents promise.

Hikes traffic: Websites that have just homepage, services, and contact page, fail to engage the customers for more time. Whereas the websites equipped with a blog page manage to involve the readers for comparatively more time. Blogs engage the traffic with exciting content and trigger the chances to become a part of the brand. Content comes with huge benefit; blogs drive the majority of traffic to the website through social media and search engine. The number of views gets increased automatically on websites with blog option.

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