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Hola everyone !!!.it has been a great evening until i got to know a few things.okay ,first of all let me tell you what this post is about ..its like the common situation we all face .i am just sharing mine . It might connect with you .ok here i go ....i talked to my friend abhishek and while talking there came the hot ,burning topic :"what is 'she' thinking' right know .yes this blog is totally dedicated to that 'she' .my friend told me how ..when he is not in a good mood ..ignores his gf's messages i am "single" i was not at all interested in his talks ..but suddenly he told something about whatsapp and how he uses whatsapp in those situations ...that took my attention ..he told that he sees message from notification only and then doesn't reply ...then my mind went towards that 'she' and i quickly checked my whtsapp and found that yaa the message was delivered 8 hours ago and yet not seen may be she did the same to me ..what abhi was telling !! evrything in world seems to be upside down !! i dont care about physics, chemistry or whatever this world is talking about ...but suddenly when i was in this thought mobile beeped ..yes.that was she ...okay hold on wait for the next blog guyz..!!!

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