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Hi Everyone!

This is Aakriti dua. I am a recent graduate from Amity university. I have completed my bachelors with specialization in Applied Psychology.

I have 5 months of experience in working with MSL- a part of Publicis groupe.
I held the position of an Apprentice Trainee in MSL. My primary responsibilities included end-to-end hiring of various profiles, taking care of the induction and exit formalities, and also be responsible for devising Talent Engagement plan for each month. As MSL, is part of Publicis Groupe now, we also extend our support in cross hires which helped me learn many integrated processes to drive hiring in a better and an efficient way.

Other than my professional experience, I consider myself to be a people's person who can interact and understand various kind of personalities.

I am a sports enthusiast and my interest also lies in reading novels, watching different kind of series and movies.

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