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You are the one I can trust on,
You are the one I really know.
You never left me alone,
You make my life glow.

The time I was in your womb,
You took care of me.
When I was in my little tomb,
You took out the flair of me.

Whenever I was ill,
You didn’t sleep all night.
You served me the meal,
Took care with all your might.

Life showed me ups and downs,
You were always with me.
The world opposed all my grounds,
You were always with me.

Your lap is all I need,
To sleep with contentment.
Your love is all I need,
To live without resentment.

I couldn’t be a good son I know,
Made mistakes, excuses and so.
But I could not be here without you,
I don’t want to be here without you.
Maa I love you too!

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