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What Is Intuitive Network?
Every day there are millions of devices that are added to the internet around the world.Now there are more devices on the internet than the people on this planet.With this number, the complexity also raises.We cannot rely on the yesterday's technology to protect our future.So what if we can have a technology that can deal with this complexity in the same way we do. There the intuitive network comes in to picture.

The Cisco came up with the idea of the intuitive network.This intuitive network takes care of itself. It tries, it learns, it adopts and it updates itself. It understands the patterns learns from it, it quarantines any suspicious activities over the network. with the advent of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, this network can be more powerful that they not only prevent suspicious activity or a failure but also can predict them.Consider a librarian accessing the central server in a university, this is the base pattern for a librarian over the university network. Now consider the same librarian moving gigabytes of data to an external server, this is not a behavioral pattern for the librarian the network understands this as a threat and Quarantines the action before reporting to the administrator.

To be instinctive mean to be able to differentiate between the good and the bad, how can a network understand the encrypted traffic to understand whether it is a malicious or the normal traffic. we cannot give up on our privacy and we don't want to be vulnerable to malware that flows in encrypted traffic. So we need to find the malicious traffic without decrypting the traffic. The Intuitive network can analyze the traffic without decrypting but just passing the un-encrypted metadata from communication that happens before the establishment of a secure channel, through a machine learning algorithm, that classifies the traffic whether it is malicious or not.

Thus this Intuitive network secures our jobs and our lives using the same thing that makes us more human THE INSTINCT.

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