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The Muddy Mystery,,
Standing at the main gate of the college,, waiting for my friend from the last 10 minutes,, who live 3 km away from the college,,. Suddenly rain started and stopped within 5 minutes,,. And as the rain stopped I received a call from my friend,, he said ” I have been in the auto rickshaw for the last 20 minutes,, this heavy rain led to traffic jam,, I will be there in 10 minutes”,,. He came after 15 minutes with Muddy shoes and dry clothes,,.


He was lying that he was struck in traffic jam,, if he was in auto before the rain started then how does his shoes got all that mud,,.? Obviously he is lying,, he must be going towards the auto stand when the rain suddenly started,, and as per the weather he must be having the umbrella,, but rain converted soil to mud and then from there to his shoes,, as he was ready with his story of being struck in traffic jam so he gave attention towards his dry clothes but forgot about his shoes,,. As soon as he get into the auto he made a phone call,, to tell us about the traffic jam and was ready with his explanation of being late,,.

Making Random Deductions,,

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