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The Unknown Hawk,,
After attending two painful lectures on EM by Prof. Vikash ,, I was coming back to home by metro,,. After a while I found something looking at me,, this was enough for me to invest some of my vacant time in deducing that why he was looking at me with such glare,,.


A grey eyed man of 5 feet 9-10 inches,, most probably in his early 40’s,, formally dressed,, white shirt and grey pants,, no signs of fold on his clothes,, moreover his bata shoes most probably 8 number were nicely polished,, without a single mark of dirt,, with a pen in his shirt pocket,, Parker Vector Standard Red CT ball pen,,. Wearing black socks,, nike,,. But most important,, he was wearing a watch with incorrect set of needles,,.

He received a phone call at karol bagh,, most probably from a male colleague,, he said “opposite pillar number 275,, how much distant is it from the metro station,, ok then i will be reaching there within 10 minutes”.

Then he left at Kirti nagar,,.


A middle aged man,, wearing lenses,, working at night shift,, for a private firm obviously,,. Going for the marriage of his sikh colleague at Bandhan Banquet,, Kirti nagar,, after skipping his breakfast,,.

Making Random Deductions,,


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