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Vodafone superfan -- Achyutanand Rusia khuntia

I hope everyone has increase blood label while someone get unexpected opportunity.

So dear friend I am going to explain journey of my super fan history.

I am winner of Vodafone superfine 2016, I got this prestigious award at hyderabad Rajivgandhi international stadium, this award given me Mr. David warner sir and I also meet all stars Indian and foreigner. I never explain you that moment was harmonious in my heart. which I cannot explain in words.they given all facilities seems via person over there. I once again thank you Vodafone company given me this chance once a life. Vodafone given me vip facilities taken me by car from hyderabad airport to mansarovar hotel and also arranged lunch at buffe hotel and dinner at stadium that was very nice experience in my life. And Vodafone guy really taken care of from airport to hit and hotel to stadium and end of the match they drop me safely at hotel and finally drop me airport by car. And specially my wife and my father, mother and my sister was very happy and my all friends watched me live on TV they taken my lots of photos while I got award. I hearty thank you all my friends families and my well wishers. Thank for given lot of love . I request you kindly keep this love with me always..

Thank you. ...Achyutanand Rusia Khuntia

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