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“Oh, so you have already read this on the internet. Do not believe in everything that is written there”, said the expert while signing his prescription pad. Now I am in a deep thought. 100’s of articles written on the internet regarding these symptoms cannot be totally false. I shouldn’t get misguided, but I must be on my guards. Doctors can misfire as well. I can’t expect them to be omnipotent.

I come home with a packet full of tablets and capsules. I am tempted to google about their potency and side-effects. I take my first dose, then the second, third, and so on. A couple of days pass by since I started taking my medications. I feel a persistent headache. I am wondering whether this is a side-effect. Allopathy! It will surely cause some harm to my body, I thought. Lets see what are the long-term effects. One says it will make me nauseous, the other says I might have loss of appetite, wait! the third one talks about headaches. There you go, now I know that this purple capsule is causing all the discomfort. These are nothing but a can of worms! Ok, I guess I am aware about the ‘backlash’ of these drugs. But what if I am not correctly diagnosed?

I am now searching for early signs of various ailments including leukemia, brain tumour, heart disease, etc. Bollywood movies always portrayed cancer patients having fever all throughout. Then they would start coughing blood and die within few days. Movies are inspired from real life incidents, I thought.The frown in my forehead started to get more intense. Well, this pearl-grey, glutinous, three pound organ has enormous capabilities to make absurd assumptions.

I feel feverish again, or am I just assuming? I am perplexed with my own thoughts. Why aren’t these medicines working? This is making my paranoia worse. These doctors are of no use. The Mayo clinic and WebMD are trusted sites. They do a lot of research before publishing their articles. But again this symptom checker has ruined my mental health. I have now started to check my temperature at least 4 times a day. I was imagining myself getting sicker, weaker, and becoming incapacitated. I should visit my doctor again.


I hastily got dressed with a muffler around my neck, a simple t-shirt, and a loose jeans. I had to give that impression that I was very sick else the doctor won’t take me seriously. Only those patent dark circles were missing.
I am waiting outside the doctors chamber. Restlessness will be truly an understatement. Ok, here comes my turn. I am so nervous that I started having palpitations. “How are you feeling now?” asked my doctor. I replied in a weak voice, “not too well doctor”. He asked me, “what is wrong?” I directly quoted everything which I read on the WebMD and the Mayo clinic page. “You will be fine..these are typical symptoms of a viral fever. These medicines takes some time to work”. I am doubtful because I am thinking he is just saying this to make me go away. But doctor, these may also be an underlying cause of a major illness, I said. “Go home and rest well, your reports are perfectly normal”. Sad and dejected I walk towards the door as the only addition to my prescription is a vitamin supplement and a painkiller..

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