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B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION, 2007 BUSINESS ECONOMICS 2nd YEAR MONEY, BANKING AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE December Time three Hours Maximum 100 Marks part - A 8 five 40 ans any 8 ques.. All ques. carry equal marks. 1. discuss the primary functions of money. 2. Distinguish clearly ranging from demand pull and cost push inflation. 3. elaborate the functions of a Central Bank 4. explain the advantages of Branch Banking. 5. Outline the essentials of comparative cost approach to international trade. 6. Analyse the factors which determine the terms of trade of a country. 7. explain the various forms of restriction on international trade. 8. Analyse the pros and cons of free trade. 9. elaborate the factors that led to short period modifications in exchange rates 10. Write a note on international liquidity issue. More Annamalai University sample and question papers for old year

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