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Instagram - A Revolutionary Social Platform Expects 111.6 Million Users By 2019
As per the report by a top marketing agency it is expected to cross 111.6 million user mark by 2019 in the US alone. Imagine the popularity of this social platform which was purchased by Facebook few years back. The feature of Instagram makes it a great place for people to connect and share beautiful moments of their lives with each other.
For a photographer Instagram is not less than a Goldmine. You can easily create an account over Instagram and upload your best pictures showcasing your talent across the globe. Imagine your business popularity if you promote your business over Instagram just in US. It is a wide ocean of targeted users in which you just need to dive and then reach sky high popularity for your business. Advertising your business was never so easy like this before.
Businesses have started offline promotion over Instagram by following users from their target zone. Instagram followers on a profile are one of the parameters to judge the popularity of a person or account. This has led to the evolution of online service providers offering Instagram followers and likes at a minimal price. Some of the firms that I came across are offering users to buy Instagram followers and likes. The popular ones are and But still it’ not so popular among people, although businesses are using it for their benefits.
In my opinion Instagram has a very bright future as a social media platform and businesses will definitely reap the benefits from advertising over it. The soaring user count of Instagram will make it the top social media platform in the upcoming years. Enjoy Instagramming and do not forget to use Hashtags to get notices by similar minded people looking for what you have to offer. Increasing Instagram followers will definitely take you miles ahead.
For businesses who are interested in Boosting Instagram Followers, I am mentioning a website which I came across for reviews of some of the industry experts service providers of Instagram marketing services. You can go for

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