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There she had done it again An overwhelming sense of pride flooded her as she looked down at her latest stolen ring, sitting and fitting perfectly in her finger. But she had no time to enjoy her success as she had to get out of that place before the cops were alerted. This was the fourth time. The fourth time she had wrongfully taken something that belonged to someone else. The fourth time she had broken the law. Initially she had thought, this would be difficult. But, as time passed it got easier. No one suspected a well dressed girl to be a thief. She was proud that she was able to steal things she liked without being caught. She kept the ring into her pocket and started walking faster without looking back even once. The market was very crowded and she was sure no one was going to spot her in the enormous herd of busy buyers. Suddenly, to her utter horror she noticed a man from the jewelry shop behind her. She quickly turned, pulled a scarf over her head and walked without daring to look back. This had never happened before. She could see the man waving his hands, calling out her to wait. She started running madly, dodging people around, without uttering an apology. She was shivering, thinking about the consequences of getting caught. Suddenly, she got a vision of her parents looking at her with disappointment, while the cops arresting her. She used to think that they would never understand how much being poor and being unable to afford things that all the other existing members of her peer group owned and flaunted. Her eyes filled with tears of anger. She started running faster. She slowly turned back, and with a sudden shot of pure fear, she stopped. Her knees felt weak and she realized she cannot run anymore. She slowed her and noticed she had reached a dead end. She could hear the man reaching behind her. ldquoExcuse me For godrsquos sake please stop Why are you runningrdquo the man said, completely out of breath. She somehow managed to gather some courage and turned back to face him. ldquoHerehellipI have something of yours that you just left at the jewelry shop. Just wanted to return it.rdquo he continued. And to add to her amazement he handed over her wallet. She was surprised. Totally unexpected. ldquoThank you Thank you so muchrdquo she uttered with great relief and managed to take away her wallet . ldquoHi, I m Mohit, Nice to meet yourdquo, the man said , stretching out his hand towards her. She was blushing pink and blue and returned his handshake, in a complete daze, completely forgetting to introduce her. ldquoOkay then, see you aroundrdquo he said and left her hand. Gave her an amazed smile and walked away. She smiled and lightly touched her pocked to ensure that the ring had not fallen off her pocket during the chase. It was still there. She took it out to wear and admired its beauty. She inserted the ring into her finger. Thatrsquos when she saw it. Oh God All the other rings on her fingers had gone But where She did not remove them. Hang on a minute, she uttered. A sudden flash of realization dawned upon her. The man. His handshake .A very innocent way of extracting rings from her fingers. She felt as she had been hit by a chilly thunder. She had been robbed. Suddenly, she remembered the saying, ldquoAs you sow, so shall you reaprdquo and walked away weeping her tears.

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