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Glory of AMSSOI
We are aware, as much as the world does, that we have apool of talent that has the ability to transform the world.However, the oft repeated stance of the Industry is that we do not have the trained personnel. We get reports fromNASSCOM stating that only 20-25 technologygraduates in the country are employable. We, therefore, have programs devised by Ministry of Communicationsand Information Technology and IIIT, Hyderabad to imparttraining to fresh engineering graduates called Certificate in Information Technology CIT organized as part ofEnhance Edu initiative. The program aims at imparting theskills required by a fresh engineering graduate to becomemore employable. Some of the industry sectors like theRetail and Hospitality are depending on etiquette and grooming schools to impart the requisite skills. Theinitiatives of industry and academia to find solutions arevery good. However, I believe that the industryexpectations that a student should be in a position tocontribute from day one of his/her employment are likeasking for utopia. Industry seems to believe thatUniversities and Institutes of Learning should equip their students with skills that match their changingrequirements and bemoan that the gap between industryand academia is widening. We need to understand andappreciate that the public sector undertakings whichwere the commanding heights of economy in preliberalisation era never cried hoarse on not gettingtalented persons. They found ways to hire and train. That39s what the Industry should do if they are to take a leafout of the much maligned public sector. If we look at whatour ancestors have said thro39 the lines below, we in academics and those in industry may probably find lastingsolutions to our current day issues relating to industry academia mis - match of expectations . ldquo PaadamAaacharyamadattam, Paadam Shishyah Swamedhayaa,Paadam Sahabrah machaaribhyah , PaadamKaalakramenanachardquo. Briefly stated this means that a student learns 25 from teacher, learns himself 25, learns 25 from friends and classmates and the rest 25 as days go by. We still have to learn another 25 in our life time and this is a moving target

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