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Top 20 replies by programmers when their programs don’t work
Top 20 replies by programmers when their programs donrsquot work 20. ldquoThatrsquos weird...rdquo 19. ldquoItrsquos never done that before.rdquo 18. ldquoIt worked yesterday.rdquo 17. ldquoHow is that possiblerdquo 16. ldquoIt must be a hardware problem.rdquo 15. ldquoWhat did you type in wrong to get it to crashrdquo 14. ldquoThere is something funky in your data.rdquo 13. ldquoI havenrsquot touched that module in weeksrdquo 12. ldquoYou must have the wrong version.rdquo 11. ldquoItrsquos just some unlucky coincidence.rdquo 10. ldquoI canrsquot test everythingrdquo 9. ldquoTHIS canrsquot be the source of THAT.rdquo 8. ldquoIt works, but it hasnrsquot been tested.rdquo 7. ldquoSomebody must have changed my code.rdquo 6. ldquoDid you check for a virus on your systemrdquo 5. ldquoEven though it doesnrsquot work, how does it feel 4. ldquoYou canrsquot use that version on your system.rdquo 3. ldquoWhy do you want to do it that wayrdquo 2. ldquoWhere were you when the program blew uprdquo 1. And the Number One Reply by Programmers when their programs donrsquot work ldquoI thought I fixed that.rdquo

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