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Project undergone: Master of Technology in Tool Engineering.

Title: Performance Studies Of Various Factors Over Defects In High Pressure Die Casting Component.

Duration: 2012-2013.

Description: Project work involving on “performance studies of various factors over defects in high pressure die casting component”. The part which is being produces in high pressure die casting is being used to seal the meter box in electrical applications. The component produced in high pressure die casting machine are found to have some defects like blowhole, bubble and flash. We come to know that more defects are produces in the component, which can be minimized by going some analysis process. For that we have selected some of the parameters which have the influence towards the defect by conducting experimental test by which a design of experiments were conducted to see the actual cause for the defect by knowing the relationship of parameters over defects in high pressure die casting component. The design of experiments and analysis of parameters over defect in high pressure die casting component were conducted by Minitab statistical software and based on the results, we are going to conduct a regression analysis to find the strongest relationship between the parameters and the defects in the component. Based on the results of regression analysis, the strongest relationship of design of experiments is taken for optimization process. By this response optimization we can able to control the defect by controlling the parameters and we can able to predict that what percentage of defect can be controlled in a production.

 Carried Out At: Govt Tool Room & Training Centre, Mysore.

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