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Do you ever remember those days when your loved one told you "I would die for you"? And you already started laughing thinking about it right now! But chicken proved it, it died for you buddy.
Iam not sure about you going to the heaven or hell but chickens are such a heaven sort.?Chickens prefer equality among the human race, they be an answer to surprise the taste buds no matter what class you belong to.
Those reserved class expectations does not work with these god sent angels.?Also consider the tangy white cream called the mayonnaise which is the intimate soulmate of chicken.
These two are the perfect relationship stuff, may be because its origin is France!The French are brutally romantic.?Imagine dipping a strip of chicken into a bowl of mayyonaise and just look at it.
And then test your self control buddy! We always be the loser. When these romantic couple say hi to your taste buds it feels like a super cutie, for whom you have a huge crush goes straight to your vicious rival and asks for your number.
So satisfying!?At some point of time I feel that we humans dont deserve chicken. Respected vegans help stopping globalwarming and discover love. Eat chicken, Chicken is love!?

(A letter for chicken)?

Dear Chicky,?I have something for you. My words! You have been my support since ages. You have been for me when I had tough times in my life but I never thanked you for everything. But let me tell you this ,I chose you and i will choose you over and over again without a pause, without a doubt. Even if i end up having a malfunctioning brain i will still choose you baby!?

With love,

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