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Play A Happy Life :D
Music, Colours and Happiness are related to each other very deeply even with no connection. When we were little kid, our elders taught us poems, which we used to keep singing all day long, with a special-kinda smile on our face. They gave us a huge bunch of different colours to show our creativity on a sheet of paper was not enough, the big empty wall, painted in a single colour was our sheet. Since, childhood, music and colours were our synonymous for Happiness. Today when we are a grown-up teenagers, who have completed their schooling and now studying in college so that we can achieve our goals and become as great as our parents and fulfill their dreams, we still have same feelings for music and colours. Life without colours and music is like NO LIFE. Everyone have a colour which is his/her favourite and a colour which he/she hates but his/her life39s painting is incomplete without anyone of those colour. Similarly, every music, every song do not makes us feel good, but any song which matches to our weirdest moods gives us a sense of comfortableness, that we are not alone. Life is a happy world, but we will never realise its importance unless it shows us what we don39t like, it39s little trailers of sudden storms show us that this could be your life but its not You got a Happy Musical Colourful Life, enjoy every bit of it.

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