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quotKinda confused with who I am AND what I want to be...what I am doing AND what I am suppose to do...being good is good OR being bad is real OR be what other people want you to be...change OR stay what you are...what i am doing is right or not. The questions are keep popping in my mind.quot Whenever I am me, people start asking me who is me. I don39t know who I am, neither I am interested in knowing who I am, because once you figure out who you are, you and you friends know how will you react to a typical situation AND when you know how will you react to a situation, you got nothing else to explore. What is living a life Living a life is knowing yourself enjoying to the core instead of doing what society wants, do what you want. And when you know what all you want in your life, you got nothing to explore in yourself. So instead of fighting with you, for knowing who you who you are...keep exploring yourself, be happy, that still people don39t know who you are, because if they find out who you are, they will have a reason to be friends with you, and if one is a real friend of yours then he/she don39t need a reason to be your friend.

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