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I think that I am special, but no, I am not, I know that. Everyone in this world thinks that they are special at some or other time of their life but face the truth, NO ONE IS SPECIAL. Can you save Earth from natural disaster Can you read anyone39s mind whenever you want Can you tell spells and do magic stuff like witches Can you run as fast as vampire personally I will never categorize quotvampirequot in quotspecial peoplequot category, coz dead person feeding on human blood to live, is a PAIN...well my blog is not about vampires, so I must continue with my blog P . Answer for all above questions is NO, isn39t it So, what makes you think that you are special The unconditional love of parents or friends or boyfriend/girlfriend or all of them...please everyone gets it, because everyone deserves it OR is it because everything in your life is perfect and you are happy and satisfied with your life. Love and Happiness are such things that no-one will say quotNOquot for it. No-one get love nor one needs to find love, you just need to REALIZE love. It can be found anywhere and everywhere. It can be found when you are sitting on your terrace and you feel a cool breeze passes by, It can be found when a baby passes you smile. It can be found when an old friend calls you and say quothiquot, It can be found when you see a bird fly in a clear sky. God has fixed equal-for-all percentage of troubles which is given to every person when he/she is born, it depends on us for which trouble, we screw ourself and for which we ignore and chill and relax. And quotif you cry at a trouble, it grows double but if you laugh at a trouble it disappears like a bubblequot . So when we say that quotHis/her life is so perfect and mine is screwedquot, well, your life is not screwed, you are screwed because you don39t know how to live and enjoy. No offense, chill P Life is big, make your life worth living, no one else can live it for you. Be happy, stay happy, others will be happy automatically. No one is born special, you disguise yourself SPECIAL.

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