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In this modern era we want more comfortable life the excess exploitation of natural resources (diesel and petrol) is the major cause of concern in the world. In the normal design engine diesel, petrol and natural gases are being utilized. It is also a fact that these natural resources are limited and there is a need to maintain their exploitation for future. Keeping in the view above social responsibility, the following options are available-
1. Air
2. fuels
3. Solar energy
4. Water
When a gas is compressed to a small volume the energy is stored, when it expands the work is done by releasing the energy stored. In the same manner, the air is compressed and stored in a tank called as storage tank and when the air is released into an engine, it expands and pushes the piston and turn the crankshaft. The air driven engine may be the point of research.
Air driven engine may help to reduce the demand of conventional fuels.
Thus the objective of this research is to design & modify the four stroke petrol engine into the air engine by modification in the cam lobes and also evaluate the comparison of economic characteristics between air engine four stroke SI engines.
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