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Buy property On Dwarka Expresway Gurgaon- Pareena Enorme
Pareena Enorme
Pareena proudly presents Pareena Enorme – a revolution in the luxury residential market on the Dwarka Expressway! Nestled in the most sought after Sector 99A on the Dwarka Expressway, Pareena Enorme is the latest labor of love by Pareena, all set to redefine the 2BHK apartment market. Designed for your escape from a mundane, every day life, to the lap of luxury and ultra modern living, Pareena Enorme is your answer in the 2BHK market in the Dwarka Expressway.
Equipped with all modern facilities and virtually all amenities, Pareena Enorme offers you a combination of ultra-luxury lifestyle with comfortable living. Pareena Enorme is committed in its cause for the environment and ensures that all its structures are environment friendly. The project features a well thought of Social zone with access to amphitheater and party areas. Addressing the need of the sport enthusiast in you, Pareena Enorme also features a fully established Sports zone with complete jogging tracks and access to all forms of court sports. Pareena, a builder backed with a keen sense of what is needed for modern day living, also has dedicated Kids’ zone in Pareena Enorme along with a Crèche. To complete its high end, luxury lifestyle offering, Pareena Enorme also presents the ultimate indulgence zone – The Club Esperanza.
Pareena Enorme invites you to begin a new chapter in your life, by becoming a part of “The Royal Melange of Perfect Vision and Architecture Design”. Pareena is a truly well respected name in the luxury residential property market in Delhi NCR.
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