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Social media is here to stay !!!
Social media is here to stay, like it or not. It is tightly intertwined with our personal and professional lives and has completely transformed the news media. To a new social media user, it can be overwhelming to decide how and where to start interacting online. If your goal is to conduct a successful job search through social media, then anxiety levels can increase for even the most learned user. The good news is that there are some simple guidelines to adhere to when embarking upon how to use social media to secure your dream position. 1. Remember Your Audience Your audience might be former colleagues, HR representatives and executives of your dream employers, current and past clients, alumni connections or professional organizations. However, for the vast majority of today39s candidates, an appealing profile and a smart strategy will bolster your search. 2. Match Your Audience to a Social Media Channel Consider your career aspirations and then analyze the opportunities to create with social media. 3. Build a Professional Presence Here are some basic tips for launching your profile Profile Picture mdash clean background, nicely groomed hair, business attire Concise overview mdash quick and impactful statement of your skills and values Compelling content mdash keep it relevant to your professional field and remember to not post anything yoursquoll regret later Contact information mdash e-mail avoid embarrassing or cute names, phone and listing of any other social media channels such as your Twitter handle Community player mdash start interacting through posts, applications and connections as soon as you feel comfortable no time to waste 4. Make a Commitment Once you have built a professional presence online, the key to your success will be an ongoing commitment to tend to your profile, participate in the online community regularly. 5. Critique and Measure Your Progress Social media can be fun, educational and a great community builder. However, if your goal is to supplement your job search, then you must periodically evaluate your effectiveness online. To know that yoursquore on the right track with your job search, take note of how many new and valuable contacts you are making, how many ldquocoffeesrdquo you are arranging with leads and how many interviews you are securing through your online efforts. The real proof, of course, will be to land the perfect job. Good luck with your search and enjoy the benefits of social media

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